Save Battery Charge on Your iPhone

iPhone running low on battery chargeDid you know that allowing background apps on your iPhone to continually refresh uses a lot of power, and can draining your battery?

You can control whether the Background App Refresh option is turned ‘On’ or ‘Off’ overall, or adjust this option for individual apps.

To turn the Background App Refresh off altogether:

Select the Settings option from your iPhone’s Home screen…

Home screen on iPhone

Select the ‘General’ option…

Settings screen of iPhone










Select ‘Background App Refresh’ and slide the button at the top into the off position. NB: If the overall Background App Refresh option is currently ‘On’, the button will appear green (as will the buttons for specific apps listed underneath if the option is turned ‘On’), and greyed out if ‘Off’, as with Facebook below.

Background apps refresh screen iPhone










The overall Background App Refresh is turned off below, as is the same option for the individual apps that are visible. (Scroll down on your iPhone in this screen to check which other apps have the option enabled/disabled.)

iPhone Background App Refresh screen - Off










To turn off the Background app refresh for only certain apps, slide the button next to the relevant apps into the required position.


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Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

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