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Email Solutions for Business

If you’re running a Business, there are several reasons that you’ll look to improve your current email solutions. Perhaps you’re finding your current email solution unmanageable, unreliable, or not as secure as you’d like. It may be lacking in storage, and features such as Calendar and Contacts synching. You might need to migrate all of your team onto one email client, or you may be in the early stages of running a business, and now need to create a more professional image by using your Business domain name in your email address.

Email is particularly crucial in Business these days, but headaches can be avoided by receiving experienced advice, and ultimately getting the right solution in place to suit you and your business.

Email Solutions for Home Users

As a Home user you might be experiencing problems with connectivity to, or in managing email items across your devices. Or, like many people, perhaps you’re experiencing issues receiving high levels of spam and phishing email – an irritation yes, but solvable. Call us today for an informal chat around your current email issues or questions, on (01666) 840244.

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"When your email, calendar and contacts aren't synching across your devices, 'frustrating' just doesn't come close to describing it. At Trapnell Technical Solutions the emphasis is on the word 'Solutions', and applying these to your Business or Home email problems."
Paul Trapnell, Founder, Trapnell Technical Solutions